For over thirty years, ACM has been realizing industrial assembly for its customers by providing a highly qualified team, large space and the experience gained over years. Many companies use assembly services for third parties to manage peak workloads and reduce risks due to market fluctuations. The possibility of using skilled labor optimizes the production process, reduces production times and product costs.

ACM collaborates with its customers from the design to the industrialization of the production process, offering new solutions resulting from years of experience and following the key principles of lean production.

At the headquarters in Brescia, ACM has a space of 2500 square meters and in a clean, tidy and well organized work environment, realizes:

  • cable processing,
  • wiring,
  • assembly of industrial lights, design lamps and electrical devices.

The company takes care of all phases of the process, from the supply of electrical equipment, processing, assembly, testing, packaging and shipping, offering a complete, reliable, professional and fast service.